Selling Memberships on EPOS

1. Log on to Merlin EPOS.

2. Select a membership to sell, a separate window will open. 

 It is a good idea to place the memberships on the hot pages before you start selling. Most mistakes happen when you are looking through the stock search list. Unlike tickets, you need to sell the variant (the priced membership i.e. adult/family/child) NOT the 'main' ticket. This is for online only.

3. Here you will need to enter in the details for the member. In the example below I have chosen to sell a 'Family Membership'. The details to be entered is for the 'Main Card Holder'.


If a picture needs to be taken, click on 'Camera On' and then 'Capture'. If it does not click on 'Next'.


3. For this particular membership, it will take you to 'Card Holder 2'. Enter in the name of the second card holder next to 'Card Holder:' and again take the picture if need be and click 'Next'. Do this for the other family members. Click 'Proceed' at the end.


4. It will then show on the till. Continue with the payment as per usual.


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