Polling Configuration for Mobile Tablets

If you run tablets using Merlin, then you may wish to only poll all your information at the end of the day to sync all the data collected. Merlin uses NET to link all the data together, this requires a rock solid network as a loss in connection part way through a "poll" will result in corrupt files and issues with the functioning of the devices. 

If you can't be confident that your network is stable or close to the edge of a WiFi network then it would be our recommendation that each of the tablets removed from the polling list, and re-added later in the evening when connection can be maintained and polled across.

Follow the steps below to remove tablets from the polling list, then reverse the process to re-add the tablets. Be sure to "poll now" when all of the tablets are re-connected and sync the data. 


1. Open MerlinNet by right clicking on the small icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on 'Setting'.


2. Click on 'Terminal Setup'.


3. Here you will see how the poll orders have been set up and the order in which the machines poll. By clicking on the 'First' button you can see which machine polls first, when it polled and if it was successful. By clicking on the 'Next' button you will then see the other machines in the poll order.


4. When the machines are set up the 'Active' box is checked by default when the new tablet is added to the poll order. This means that the machine will actively poll when required.


5. Uncheck the 'Active' box, click 'Save' and 'OK'. Then 'Hide' MerlinNet. This will stop the tablet from Polling. This will result in no data being transferred to the back office machine, but is advised when network signals are unreliable.




6. remember to add the tablets back to "Active" at the end of each day or when required to sync the data together. Please ensure the tablets are in a strong network area when doing so.

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