Setting up discount codes online

For standalone Merlin Tickets customers, orders can be found using the admin area, which is accessible by visiting your website (e.g. then adding /admin to the end of the URL (e.g

It is possible to setup discount codes for online sales. 


1. To do this, login to the Merlin Online back office using a browser.

2. Navigate using the left hand menu to: Config > Discount Codes

3. Click Add

4. Enter the following details:

    - Discount Code - This is what is entered into the checkout page to activate the code. 

    - Valid from - Valid to. - When the code is active. 

    - Discount rate - This is a percentage. 10 being 10%, 100 being 100%.

    - Min Quantity - This is the minimum someone has to order to use the code - Usually this is "1"

    - Min Value - Usually this is set to "0" depending on the specifics of the discount code.

    - Active. Ticked is active, un-ticked will stop the code from working. 

5. Click Save

6. You will then need to select which products / collection of products this should apply to. Enter these into the box and click add. Repeat where necessary. 

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