Brief look inside Merlin's Event Manager


In this guide we will breakdown all that's new and improved with event manager. 

The team has been hard at work implementing and refactoring features and bugs you have found during the usage of the original Sitebuilder. 


So what's new? 

Completely New Customer Front-end 

Event Wizard 

Fully Customisable Attendee Details 

Seated Arenas & Stadiums

Feature-rich Text Editor

Completely New Configuration and Customisation Options


Completely New Customer Front-end: 

The customer facing side has been completely changed to allow for an emphasis on site customisation and theming, better event discovery, greater scalability, enhanced navigation and usability to follow conventions that your users have become accustomed to when browsing the web. 

If you want to jump right into it and see the new features for yourself, visit:



The top navigation bar allows your customers to quickly navigate to different collections and events:

The homepage page can be changed based on the following options:

  • Standard Index - A image header with a brief description of your site below that, you can choose between displaying individual events or individual collections
  • Straight to Collection - The homepage will automatically redirect your customers to the collection you have specified in the 'Home Page Settings'
  • Carousel of Products - Instead of the image header, this is replaced by an item carousel which can either rotate events or collections.


The new date and time selector allows for a more time-efficient way to purchase tickets: 


You also now have the ability either hide or show the remaining quantity of tickets for each session. More information on how to do this can be found on the introduction guide to the new settings here: Introduction to Event Manager Settings

The account page has been completely redone to keep up-to-date with the rest of the site, with this change, we have also updated the way users can view their tickets, vouchers and memberships. Users are now able to access their membership card number and photograph from the account menu found on your site. 

Brand new cart page, allows for a quicker cart journey, the discount code box is now a pop-up menu that shows when the 'Add Discount' button is pressed. 

Event Wizard: 

With the introduction of event manager, we have revamped the way you create events to make the process more streamlined. To start off, we broke the process down into smaller and more digestible chunks. The error detection on fields has been increased to make it easier to use for those new to the system.

Here's an illustration of the whole process:

Step 1 - Enter the event code, title and event image

Step 2 - Add a description to the event

Step 3 - Add the ticket types you would like the event to have i.e. Adult, Child etc.

Step 4 - Add sessions 

Step 5 - Add the event to a collection


Fully Customisable Attendee Details: 

Since the introduction of attendee details in the original Sitebuilder, many have requested the ability to create these ticket specific questions on their own. With event manager, you can now setup and link your custom attendee details to any ticket you desire.

To find out more information on how to set these up, visit: (I DO NOT HAVE A GUIDE FOR THIS YET, IN-PROGRESS)


Seated Arenas & Stadiums:

To add a more visual element to your customers' booking experience - You can now set events up with seat plans. Whether you run a niche little comedy club or a massive sprawling stadium, you can now set your events to accompany for that. Below are some examples of what can be made:


A small restaurant: 

A Christmas train ride:

A concert hall:


Feature-rich Text Editor:

With the introduction of event manager, we have implemented a new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, this new WYSIWYG editor introduces a whole new suite of features compared to the previous one. Such as:

  • Greater text control - From font theming and font types to subscripts and superscripts
  • Paragraph editing - Add styling to groups of text, list items, position paragraphs
  • Importing and attaching media - Attach videos, PDFs and pictures to your long descriptions.


Visit: Using the New Text Editor Found in event manager for more information on what you can do with the new WYSIWYG editor

Completely New Configuration and Customisation Options: 

In the 'Change Theme' menu, there are a whole new set of options to change your site, from configuring the confirmation e-mails to changing the theme colours and product page, you can now control these. To find out more information on the numerous new options found in the 'Change Theme' settings: (insert link to theme settings guide). 

Colour settings:



Home Page Settings:


We hope you will enjoy all the new additions to Sitebuilder with the introduction of event manager. As mentioned at the beginning, to try the site out for yourself, the live demo can be found at:


Still need some help? Contact us on +44(0)1226 294413

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