Introduction to Event Manager's Settings

This is for users with admin access to Merlin Tickets and Event Manager. You can access the admin area by viewing your website (e.g. then adding /admin to the end of the URL (e.g.

In this guide we will be walking you through the new theme settings found in event manager's configuration settings. 

Global Settings

Home Page Settings

Product Settings

Social Media

Colour Settings

Basket Text

To start off, you need to go to 'Config' > 'Change Theme':


Inside the 'Change Theme', you should see a whole new set of options to change. 

event manager's theme settings:

Sitebuilder 1's theme settings:

These additions to the theme settings mean you have more control over the e-mails sent out, the branding of the site and the layout of it. 

Global Settings -

Here you can add a logo, switch between two different font types, configure the index page and menu bar to set them in the order you want.



Home Page Settings -

This page provides numerous options to do with the customisation of your ticketing landing page.

Front Page Main Text - text allows you to include a heading and subheading on the landing page of your ticketing site, this is particularly useful if you do not have your own website. 

Website URL - This allows you to link your existing website to the logo, so when customers click the site logo on the landing page, it will redirect them to your website.

Background - Here you can add a background image to the landing page of your tickets site.

Index Settings - This configures the content displayed on the menu bar, carousel and main page. You can switch between events or collections. 


Product Settings -

This page configures the various configurable options on the product page (i.e. event page, membership page, voucher page). 

Require/Use Membership Images - You have three options here: 

  • Required - Users are unable to proceed with attaching an image to their membership
  • Optional - Users have the choice to either attach or not attach an image to their membership
  • Disabled - Users are restricted from attaching an image to the membership

Number input or dropdown - This is configurable for the desktop version of the site, you can switch the quantity selector on the event page.

  • Dropdown: A dropdown with the quantity which can be selected.

  • Number input: Manually enter the quantity through your keyboard

Maximum number of tickets added to basket at once - You can limit the amount of tickets that can be added to an order. This is especially useful for people running free events with limited quantities as it can mitigate the chance of a single user booking out the whole event.

Require customer to search for address using postcode - With event manager, you can restrict the billing address details form to only accept address from within the postcode lookup facility, this means that the customer would enter their postcode and choose an address from the entries added to the postcode database. By default, this is set to optional, meaning customers can manually enter their address. 

Cancellation Vouchers - Allow your customers to independently cancel their orders and issue themselves a voucher of the value of the order to be used for later purchases. By default, this is disabled, meaning only you can issue them. More information on cancellation vouchers can be found here: Issuing & Redeeming Order Cancellation Vouchers

Display Availability -

Enable or disable the ability for your customers to view the exact amount of ticketing remaining on the date and time. 

If enabled, the customer will be able to see the exact remaining number of tickets for a session and the availability chart on the session selector:

If disabled, the remaining number of tickets are not displayed and the availability chart remains a static colour.

By default this is enabled

Show full description - This applies to the description of an event, if enabled the full description will be displayed from the start, if disabled the description is minimised with only a few lines of text showing. This is useful if you have events with long descriptions, as it allows users to get to ticket selection quicker.

Donation types - There are three options:

  • Donations and Gift aid - Allows standard tickets, gift aid and donation tickets to be purchased.
  • Donations only - Allows standard and donation tickets but not gift aid.
  • Gift aid only - Allows standard and gift aid tickets but not donation.


Social Media - 

Here you can add links to your social media accounts, which are then shown on the header of the order confirmation e-mail when a customer books.


Colour Settings -

The colour settings section allows you to customise numerous elements on your MerlinTickets site. 

Visit this guide for an in-depth breakdown of what each colour field changes: 

Colour Settings Guide


Basket Text - 

This is a small string of text that gets displayed on the basket page. This can be used to express gratitude or to provide additional information to your customers when purchasing.

That's about all that's new to the configuration settings in event manager.

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