Using the New Text Editor Found in Event Manager

This is for users with admin access to Merlin Tickets. You can access the admin area by viewing your website (e.g. then adding /admin to the end of the URL (e.g.

In this guide we will walk you through the usage and functionality of the new text editor (WYSWYG editor) that can be found in event manager

The new text editor is accessible from numerous places throughout the admin area, from editing the contents included in the order confirmation emails to inserting videos into your event descriptions, here's what you can do with the new text editor: 


Font/Text Features: 

As with any text editor, you can bolden text, italicise, underline but you can also:

  • Strikethrough text
  • Add subscripts
  • Add superscripts
  • Choose from multiple different font families and sizes
  • Change text colour and background colour
  • And various other text styling options 

To view all the options to do with text, click the icon with the letter A and a three dotted column. 


Paragraph/Text Group Features:   

As with most text editors, you can create lists and align pieces of text. You can also do:

  • Alternate between ordered and unordered lists
  • Change paragraph styling i.e. Border groups of text, change heading types
  • Adjust line height
  • Indent text


Inserting Files: 

With the new WYSIWYG, you now have the ability to attach videos, images and other numerous other file types. To do this, select one of the icons highlighted: 


  • This first icon allows you to insert links inside your description. 
  • the second icon allows you to insert any file you would like, this is typically used to attach PDFs to the description of the event for additional information.
  • the third icon allows you to insert images, you can then rescale and style the images within the text editor.
  • The last icon provides additional options such as: Inserting videos, inserting tables, adding emojis and special characters.

Additional Settings: 


Provided with the text editor are a set of additional settings that you may find useful. 

This includes:

  • The ability to print off or export the description to PDF
  • The ability to select all text in one click
  • A help section, which provides a list of all the keyboard shortcuts

Here are some examples of what we have done so far with the new text editor:

A Dinosaur Adventure:

An Italian Meal:

Merlin's regatta:

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