Configuring Admin Users & Changing Admin Passwords (Merlin Online)

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In this article, I will show you how to configure/add a client user and change a user’s password in the event that they would like to do so.


Before we begin, please note the following important information:

If there is only one admin user registered for your online admin area and the password for that user has been forgotten, you can select the ‘Forgotten Password’ link to reset it. You will be prompted to enter the email address registered to that user. A password reset link will then be sent to that email address. If the email address is not registered in Merlin’s database, no email will be sent for security reasons.


How to change your password

First, let’s take a look at how to change an existing login password:

  1. Log into the online admin area.
  2. Using the left-hand menu, navigate to the Config tab.
  3. Select the Admin user link.



This will open a new page called Users.

Here, you can see that there is already an account set up for This is the one for which I will be changing the password.


Click the email address that you want to edit. This will open the Edit User window.

First, enter your new password in the password field.

Next, enter the same password in the confirm password field. This is done to ensure that both passwords match, which will help eliminate typing errors.

Remember to click the save button!


Important Information:

  • The new password must contain at least one uppercase and lowercase letter.
  • It should also include at least one number and one special character.
  • Lastly, the password must be a minimum of eight characters long.
  • If you do not meet these requirements, your password change will fail.


How to add a New User

  1. Log into the online admin area.
  2. Using the left-hand menu, navigate to the Config tab.
  3. Select the Admin user link.



This will open the Users window.

Here you will see the Button called +Add. Click this to open the New User window

You will need to fill in the three blank fields:

1. Login email address: This is what the new user will use as their login name.
2. Password
3. Confirm password

You can change the user’s access level by selecting the drop-down arrow.



Lastly, always remember to click the Save button to apply all the changes you have made.


Important Information:

You have the option to look up all the registered users and view their current permissions. For security reasons, I would advise monitoring the names and access levels at various times throughout the year. If someone with admin access leaves the company, this could pose a security risk to your business. You have full control to lower or even remove access if you have admin level access.


Access levels

  • Admin: The admin user has access to all available features in Merlin Online and has permission to configure the website, the venue, and add users to the system.

  • Setup: The Setup user has the same options as the admin user (i.e., Event creation) except the Setup user does not have access to the ‘Config’ tile, meaning they cannot add users, change themes, etc. This will likely be given to employees who do not have permission to set up the website/venue but do need to create events and configure them.

  • General: General users do not have access to the ‘Products/Vouchers’ option, the ‘Admissions’ option, the ‘Event Categories’ option, and the ‘Config’ option. However, they do have access to the rest of the options/settings. The General user would most likely be given to accountants/finance managers as they would have access to the events calendar, orders system, and reports system without access to event creation.

  • Redeem Only: Redeem Only users only have access to the dashboard and the ‘Redeem Tickets’ option. These permissions would possibly be given to people operating tickets on-site, such as cashiers or front desk staff.


Please feel free to contact support via email or ring our office if you have questions or need more help.

Contact us on +44(0)1226 294413

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