Merlin's new event manager introduction

First, thank you for signing up to Merlin’s all new powerful feature-rich 'Event Manager' free ticketing website.

You will receive an email once your ticketing website has been created, sent to the email address you used to sign up.

Please note that creating the ticketing website is completed automatically by the Merlin system, but it can take a short while.

In the meantime, why not have a look at some of the information below?

So what are some of the new features that have been added to event manager?


  • All new very powerful WYSIWYG for adding or editing any type of links, pages, long descriptions, and emails. This lets you embed pictures or videos into these, as well as format how the finished page will look.
  • Cancel tickets and send customers a voucher code, which they can enter on the checkout page against future purchases. Cancelling tickets can be set as admin controlled only or, if you prefer, you can set it so that customers can cancel the tickets, thus cutting down on support calls.
  • Different ticket quantity select boxes. Choose whichever style you prefer: numbered or drop-down.
    Price bands where you can set different prices for the same ticket at different times/dates to meet your needs.
  • Session over-ride: this will allow you to override a session within a block group of sessions that has already been set up, to cater for dates when the event/venue is not available.
  • Basket timeout setting. On Sitebuilder 1, basket timeout was set to 30 minutes. You now have the power to change this in the settings.
  • Collection images: you can now upload your own collection images without Merlin being involved.
    You can switch the landing page to different layouts: Show all events (like Sitebuilder 1), Collections, or even a Carousel.
  • The product page layout can be changed with streamline descriptions or full descriptions.
  • Memberships updated with photo images to appear on membership cards. These can be optional, required, or disabled.
  • Links to your main website and social media links that you can add and change at will.
  • Attendee details: You can now create your own questions to ask the customers and attach them to events or even single tickets.
  • The old style of reporting Attendee details has also been updated, making the reports clearer and also allowing Merlin greater control over them so you can have more detailed information about your attendees.
  • Configurable check-out page settings, allowing you to set requirements for postcode and phone number fields.
  • Gift aid type buttons, such as gift-aid only, donations only, and donations with gift-aid.
  • Seating plans for events through SeatsIO. This feature enables customers to book tickets for specific seat types, which they can view on a virtual version of your arena/venue.
  • Updates to reports, making them more intuitive and easier to understand.
  • An improved events wizard for simplified event setup.

These are just a few examples of the many enhancements made in event manager. For more information about the changes and features, you can visit the Merlin event manager introduction page.
Zendesk LINK (Text and picture information)
Video LINK information

If you need further assistance or want to explore more tutorials, you can visit the Merlin Online event manager support areas
Zendesk LINK (Text and picture tutorials)
Video tutorials LINK

While waiting for your ticketing website to be created, you can explore a demo ticketing website at LINK

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