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In this article, I will demonstrate how to add a VAT rate. At this point in time, the UK VAT rate is 20% which may be already added to your sitebuilder 2 ticketing website. I will cover how to add the 20% VAT rate in detail. If you are not in the UK then please adjust to your VAT rate.

After this I will show you a screenshot on how the zero VAT rate will look, so you can try to add this rate for for yourself.


Please note that you will need to have at least one VAT rate set-up so you can create an event. The event will require you to choose which VAT rate you want to use to progress.

Lets Start

To start with, as always login to the online admin area. Using the left hand menu, select the Config tab, then the Vat rates tab.

This will open the VAT rates window. If you have no VAT rates already set-up, then none will be shown.

Now lets add the 20% VAT rate,

Click the + Add button to open the Edit vat rate window. You will be presented with four empty fields which will require you to add data to. Do not be scared, it is very easy.

1 = The VAT rate code. This is a number field. Used code range 1 to 8 ONLY. Never use 0.

At Merlin, I advise you start with 1, then increase in number as you add more VAT rates.
For this demonstration, I will be adding 1 to this field.

2 = This is a description you want to label the VAT rate. This is a letter field and I would advise just using one word.
For this demonstration, I will be using the word Standard.

3 = This is the rate and is used to define what percent (%) rate you wish to use. This field again is a number field. you do NOT NEED to enter the percent symbol, just a number.
For this demonstration, I will add the number 20 to represent 20 percent.

4 = This field is not used for your ticketing website, so can be left blank. This is what I do every time I add a VAT rate.

So here is what the finished table looks like with all the values add mentioned above.

Remember to hit the Save button to action your data.

Once the VAT has been added, you will see this has now been entered into the data field table.

If you wish to see or edit the Standard data field, you can click the code 1 and it will open that VAT rate for editing.


When you set-up an event now, you will see you can attach a VAT rate to the ticket (Step 2), which is needed to complete the event set-up process.


Zero VAT rate

Here is what the data fields look like for Zero VAT rate.

Please note I have labelled this VAT code 2.

If I add another VAT rate, this I would add as code 3.

Here is what the finishing VAT data table looks like with the 20% and 0% VAT rates added.

So when I set-up an event, I can now apply these VAT rates to my tickets as I see fit.


Please feel free to contact support via email or ring our office if you have questions or need more help.

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