Adding a Venue location

In this article I will show you by example of how to add a Venue location, for using with an event.

You must set-up a venue location to be able to select it when choosing which event to add it to. If all your events are in the same location, then you may not need to use this feature.

Why have a venue location?

Some clients have different locations for different events. So once you have added a venue location, you can add this location to any event you wish by using a simple dropdown selection box.


Lets start

To start with, as always login to the online admin area. Using the left hand menu, select the Config tab, then the venues tab.


This will open a new venues window. If there has not been an locations added yet, then it will be blank as below.

Click the Add new venue button to open the table where we will add the information.

Do not let the table scare you, like most things it is very easy to add data in the fields.

Field 1 = Post code field.
You can add a post code and if it is valid, it will give you a drop down selection box.

As an example, I added Merlin's post code of S75 1JL. Then using the selection drop-down box I selected Merlin.


It then filled out the rest of the required fields for me automatically. I can now click the Save button to action my changes.


You also have the option to edit or manually add your data to the fields you wish. You can do this as sometimes a Venue location may not have a post code. Example. Music gig in the middle of a field.

Fields 2 to 7 deal with adding and address manually. I am not going through these as they are self explanatory.


Fields 8 and 9 = These are used for the latitude and longitude. This feature is not available, so no need to add any data into these fields at this time. If they do become available, then I will update this tutorial to reflect the change.

Remember to click the save once you have finished editing or adding a new venue location.

I have also added a new location called Scream Night as an example of multi locations stored.
Here is what the data looked like in the fields.

Below is the result of how the data field table looks once I have added the two locations.

If you want to edit the data of any of the locations then just select their name as indicated. This will open the window again, allowing you to edit the location.


So once you added a location here is where you select the location. When setting up an event. I will show you where the data field is, but will not go into this in this tutorial as it will be covered in setting up and event tutorial.


Where is this event location added.

The event location is added to 2 areas.

1. The long description on the events product page.

2. It is also added to the order confirmation email that is emailed when a customer the event has been booked.

Please feel free to contact support via email or ring our office if you have questions or need more help.

Contact us on +44(0)1226 294413





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