Creating a Single event with a Single session (Detailed Step 2)

Video tutorial - CLICK HERE


In this tutorial demonstration, we will look at how to add what we call the long description (the event description), which is Step 2.

If you have not read Step 1 of this tutorial, I highly recommend you do this, it can be found here -

The long description is used to provide extra information to the customer about the event they are going to book. Alternatively, you can copy the event description from your main website (if you have one).

From our experience, when a customer arrives at the ticket site, they have already made up their minds about what they are going to book. Merlin’s objective is to make this process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. So for the long description, you can create a short, to-the-point description, or a fantastic looking description with graphics, emojis, and even short videos (less than 9MB in size).


This can be done by using Merlin's powerful WYSIWYG editor.

Here is a link to the tutorial -

But what I suggest is to have a play around; you can’t break anything.


Here is what Step 2 will look like when opened. It displays a blank long description container, ready for you to enter your event’s details.

Once you have finished adding your long description, click ‘Next’. This will advance you to Step 3.


When setting up an event, I normally just type ‘Text hold’ and then click the ‘Next’ button. You might ask, why? I usually set up the event first, then go back and spend some time adding a nice long description. I save it as I change various things to see how the description looks. Don’t worry about doing this, as it’s very easy to go back into the event once saved and edit various settings, and the long description is one of them.

Here is what one of my long descriptions looks like as an example:


1 - Single image.
2 - Short video.
3 - Grid table with images added - This helps control the position of multi images.
4 - PDF file added - This allows your customer to click the link and download the PDF attached to the event.

5 - Clickable link to main website

This is only a sample there is more to be explored. Do not be scared to try things.


Please feel free to contact support via email or call our office if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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