One Click Stripe Checkout

Enabling different services on Stripe


To get started and enable alternate payment options, first sign into Stripe and use their search function to find the Payment Methods page.



From this page you can select which alternative payment methods to enable on your payment gateway. Officially we support Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal through Stripe, although most of the other options will function correctly without requiring any changes on Merlin's end (please be aware that their success is not guaranteed but if an unsupported method is enabled it should not cause problems, Stripe will just not display it as an option).


To do this, simply click turn on for each different payment method you want to select on this page.




Apple Pay verification file

To get Apple Pay working on Stripe, it requires a verification file to be present on your website. This is so that Apple can ensure that the site does belong to you.
This will require some communication with Merlin in order to get working, as we will need to upload that file for you.

Once you enable Apple Pay, the following menu will pop up (if it doesn't, then click the Apple Pay section to expand it, then "configure", then "add domain")


1 - First enter your full website address into here. (e.g.

2 - Click this to download the file we will need to upload.


Once you have that file downloaded, please contact us on and attach the file on the email. Please make sure to include Apple Pay in the subject line and the address of your site in the email so we can add this as quickly as possibly.


When you have received an email from Merlin saying we have added the file, you will then be able to go back to that menu, enter in the same address, and click "Add".


To get back to that menu first open up the Apple Pay menu by clicking on it.


Then click configure.


And finally add domain will open that menu again.



Please feel free to contact support via email or ring our office if you have questions or need more help.

Contact us on +44(0)1226 294413

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