Creating a Single event with a Single session (Detailed Step 5)

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In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to set up an event with a single ticket using a single session. In Step 5, we will be adding the event to the category. This is the final step.

Extra information

Despite being a relatively straightforward and a quick step, this seems to generate the most support calls and emails. Clients often say, “I have set up the event, but I cannot see it listed on the index page (Landing page).”


If you have not read Step 1, Step 2 Step 3 or Step 4 of these tutorials, I highly recommend you do so.

They can be found here -

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Let’s proceed with Step 5 - Add to Category

Upon first arriving at Step 5, you’ll notice that no collection has been selected yet.


Here are the steps to add the event to a category.

1. Click the ‘Add your event to a category’ button.

2. Select the category to which you wish to add your event. If you have created multiple categories, you can select the dropdown arrow and choose the category in which you want your event to be displayed.

For this demonstration, I only have one category, which is the default ‘Events’ category.

3. Click the ‘Add your event to this category’ button.



This will update the screen to show that your event has been added to the ‘Events’ category. You can verify this by looking at the information table. You also have the option to delete or re-edit your choice.




Finally, it’s time to publish your event. Click the ‘Publish Event’ button.

Your event is now created and has been added to whichever category you chose.

I recommend checking the ticketing website to see if your event is visible as a final check.


Please feel free to contact support via email or call our office if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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