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In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add an event to a category in a quick easy manor. I will not be going in depth on checks you need to make and where you could have gone wrong when creating the event.

You can read a more in-depth tutorial about this subject. - CLICK HERE


To begin, ensure that you are logged into the online admin area.

Using the left-hand menu, select the ‘Event Categories’ tab.


This will open the ‘Categories’ window.

Select whichever category you wish to add your event to by clicking on it.

For this demonstration, I only have the default ‘Events’ category to pick from.


Now, using the data field, start to type the event name. Once you can see your event that you want to add to that category, then select it. All I need to do now is click the ‘Add’ button.



Now it’s time to check the ticketing website to see if you can now see the event being listed. Remember to refresh your website page!


For a more in-depth tutorial please CLICK HERE


Please feel free to contact support via email or call our office if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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