Finding order details

For standalone Merlin Tickets customers, orders can be found using the admin area, which is accessible by visiting your website (e.g. then adding /admin to the end of the URL (e.g

On the occasions where your customer cannot provide their ticket details, you have the ability to look them up online.

To find order information, navigate to Orders > Orders on the left hand navigation bar.

Here you will need to search for the user on the left hand search box. Quick searches will be Order number or post code. 

Once searched a list of all known tickets will be displayed. To see more information on an order, click the order number which will display more information on that specific order.

Information on each order includes which tickets were purchased and the barcodes associated with each ticket (which can be used to paste into the "redeem tickets" option), the name of the purchaser and the post code they used when purchasing their ticket.


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