Creating Collections

Collections are the categories that are shown on the website that direct the customer to the necessary section, i.e. Events, Tickets, Shows… etc. An example is shown below.

1. On the left hand side of the screen, double click on the ‘System Set-Up’ icon.


2. The ‘System Set-Up Menu’ window will appear, double click on the ‘Online Set-Up’ icon.


3. Click on the ‘Collections’ tab at the top. Click ‘Add’ at the bottom of the window and then type in ‘Title’. This title will be displayed on the website. Make sure the ‘Visible in Navigation’ box is checked and then click ‘Save’. It should now be added to the collections list on the left hand side.


You do not need to fill in any other details as the extra options are for future development. You do NOT need to create a collection every time you create an event. Once net has polled, the collections will now be available on your website.


Adding a Product/Event/Ticket to a collection:


Click on the 'Collection Products' tab at the top of the 'Online Set-up' window. 

On the left-hand side, select the collection you would like to add the product/event/ticket to.

At the top in the 'Products/Tickets' box, either enter in the Product Code or use the Ellipsis '(...)' to search your product.

Click 'Add'. The product will now show in the bottom box. Click 'Save'


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