Changing Ticket Dates on Merlin

(This is currently only for changing date for tickets purchased online)

1. Locate the Admissions Menu

2. Load the 'Online Ticket Management' option.   

3. Search for an order using the Order ID or Post Code. (for post code search the last part as sometimes users don't always use a space, and this search is specific to that. Searching only for the second part of the post code will eliminate this issue)

4. When you find the correct order, double click on it.

5. If the ticket is still valid it will say 'Cancelled: False'.

6. To change the date, select a new date and time from the drop down menu at the bottom.

7. To change the date of ALL the tickets in that order; click 'All'. If you only want to change the single ticket highlighted then click 'Selected'. - A popup will ask you to confirm the change.

8. The original ticket will now be cancelled and the new tickets created will be valid on the new date.

9. Click on 'Resend Emails' to send an email to the user with the new tickets. You only do this once per order, NOT per ticket. - The new ticket will have the new date and time on, the e-mail will have the original date on, not the new one, but the ticket will have the correct new information on.

10. This has now been saved.

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