Group Bookings in Merlin

1. Logon to Merlin Back Office and locate the Diary program nested under the Admissions Menu 

2. By design there is only one calendar displayed, this is where all the events are

It is good practice to add a new “group” so the view doesn’t get cluttered. On
the example I have just one group called “group booking” but you can have
as many as required.


3. Now you need to add a new booking. To do so click “New Group Booking”

    • Customer code: This is unique and identifiable by you.
    • Customer Ref: For customers Ref Only

If this is a booking for a new customer, click “create new customer”

    • Fill in the details on the popup form.
    • Then select the Date and time of arrival.
    • Select which calendar this booking is added to.
    • Once all of the above is added, click save and the information will be stored. This will then give you two new tabs. “Items” and “Payments”



4. Now you need to select the event in "Items"

  • Here you will add in the items that will be reserved/booked for by the party. 
  • To select the event, search using the 3 dots (...) or type in the product code if you know it.
    (This should be the main event code not the variant.)
  • When this is added, a popup will appear asking you to select the session and quantity to book out. Select these and click “Add”


5. Now you will need to Add a payment if applicable

  • Select the payment method from the dropdown menu, and select the amount you’d like to add to that. then press Add.
  • When you press “Add” the booking is then automatically confirmed.

If no payment is added but you still want to confirm the booking to reduce the online numbers then press the confirm booking button on the home screen.



6. Once this booking is confirmed click save and this can now be closed.

Once this is complete you will be able to see the booking on the diary system. To make alterations to this, double click the booking to bring up the options again.

To make the diary cleaner you may want to add new Calendars for each different event as opposed to one single “Group Booking” but that’s your preference.


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