WSP: Wide Site Polling

Wide Site Polling (WSP) is polling for multi-branch sites only. It ensures that each branch has polled correctly and successfully together from Head Office when there are any changes. WSP is the main controller for sending updates to branches and for branches to send information to Head Office ensuring everything is synchronised across all sites.


User Guide:

If, by chance, something has not polled when it was supposed to you can do a manual poll for all the branches.


1. At the bottom of the taskbar there will be a small ‘Merlin WSP Server’ Right click on this and then click ‘Show’.


2. Click on the ‘Activity Log’ Scroll down to the bottom and it will show the most recent poll and if it was successful or not.


3. If the branch had failed, then click on the ‘Branches’ tab at the top. Right click on the branch that failed. Make sure you right click on the three letter name, not any of the other icons.


4. There should be three options: ‘Request only’, ‘Update Only’ and ‘Poll Both’.


5. ‘Request Only’ updates the figures and reports.

    ‘Update Only’ updates the new prices and GA etc.

    ‘Poll Both’ updates everything (this will take a long time and is rarely used).


6. Click on the option which applies to you, usually it is the ‘Request Only’ option. Once this has been done, then click on the ‘Progress’ tab at the top of the window.


7. Here it will update and you will be able to see the status of the polling. Once this has completed, the Status should be green and successful.


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