Stock/Sales Reports on Merlin

Reports on back office are available from the ‘Stock Control’ icon on the left hand side of the screen. Double click on the ‘Stock Reports’ icon. Here you will find a number of options for different reports.


Below is a list of these reports with explanations on what they can show.


Stock Valuation

This report will show the Last Cost (based on the cost at the time of printing), Quantity in Stock and Value for all stock or a range of stock items. 


Sales by Category

This report shows Category, Sub-Category, Quantity and Sales value for all or it can show a range of Categories within the dates that you have specified. 


Top/Worst Selling

This report shows the top selling product lines or alternatively your worst. 


Damaged/Faulty Stock

This report shows all the products that have been returned as Damaged or Faulty goods.


Print Sales Gross Margin

This report shows the Quantity of products sold, the Sales Value, the Cost and the Percentage Margin of each Category. If you check the 'Include Category 2' box, the report will also include the sub-categories within the Category 1 classifications, showing your gross margin for each of these. If you check the 'Include Stock Details' box, the report will show your gross margins for each individual product. 


Daily Sales by Product

This report shows the Quantity of products that you have sold, the Date that each product was sold, and their Sales Value, corresponding to the dates that you specify. 


Daily Sales by Date and Time

This report is similar in content to the 'Daily Sales by Product' report, except that the results are ordered according to the date and time of the transactions. As well as these details, the report shows the Point of Sale Transaction Number, the Product Code and Description, the Quantity Sold and the Sales Value. 


Stock Availability

This report will produce a list of stock availability for all or a range of items. The report shows Product Code, Description, Supplier, Category 1, Category 2, Location and current Stock Level. 


Stock Movement

This report prints details of the movement of stock showing the Product Code, Description, Dates of Sale or Purchase, Units In and Out, and Sale Value. 


Stock Code and Description

This is basically a list of the details of the Products held on your system. The report shows the Product Code, Description, Category 1, Category 2 Pack Size, Barcode, Supplier and Price for all or a range of Products. 


Part Exchange

This is a list of the Part Exchange goods which have been bought and sold.  The report shows the details of the Item, Seller, Buyer, Buying and Selling Price and Dates. The report can be based upon Available (unsold), Sold, Items Received and General (i.e. all).  Both Sold and Items Received allow you to enter a date range. 


Special Orders

This report lists all outstanding Special Orders.  It shows the Product Code, Description, Customer Details, Deposit Amount, Order Date and Price. The only selection criterion for this report is Date range.


Stock Adjustments

This report lists all Stock Adjustments which have taken place.  It shows the Location, Product Code, Description, Pack Size, Quantity, Unit Cost, Total Quantity, Total Cost, Transaction Number and Date. Selection can be done by Adjustment Reason (leave blank for all) and Date Range.


Sales by Location

This report shows total sales by each branch. It shows the Location, Name, Selected Period, Prior Year, Variance and Variance Percentage. It is very useful when looking at sales across all branches.


Stock Take

This report allows you to re-print a stock take movements report. 


Supplier Gross Margin

This report shows sales by each supplier. It shows the Supplier, Pack Type, Quantity, Sales, Cost and Percentage Margin.


Branch Transfer

This report shows any transfers that have been made between different branches.


Gift Aid Sales

This report shows the Gift Aid sales by a breakdown of categories. It shows Quantity, Total Sales, Gift Aid Sales, Non Gift Aid and percentage Gift Aid. It is very useful to compare GA items. Tickets and Events will also be shown on the report. 


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