Creating different Pack Sizes and Booking-In

When booking-in stock you may want to book in a case or a pack rather than booking all the items separately one by one. In order to do this, you need to add a pack size on the existing stock file first. When you create new stock, you have to create a pack size of 1 initially before you can create more.

1. Double click on ‘Stock Control’.


2. Double click on ‘Maintain Stock File’.


3. Next to the ‘Product Code’ click on the Ellipsis (…) to find a stock. Select and click ‘Proceed’. All details should be filled in.


4. Click on the ‘Pricing’ tab at the top. You should see the pricing for pack size 1. At the bottom of the window click on the ‘Add’ tab.


5. Here you can add a new pack size. Fill in the details.

  • ‘Pack size’ will be the size of the packs/cases you have (for e.g. 24)
  • ‘Last Unit Cost’ will be the last cost for 24 (for e.g. 24 x 3.50 = £84.00)
  • ‘Selling Price’ will be the selling price for 24 (for e.g. 24 x 5 = £120)
  • Click ‘Add’.


6. You will see the new pack size appear in the window.


7. If you want to attach a barcode to this new pack size (which is normally on the outer packaging of the stock) then go to the ‘Master Details’ tab. On the ‘Branch Details’ section click on the ‘View Packsize’ drop down menu. Your new pack size will be there, select this. At the bottom it says ‘Associate Barcode’, in the box put a full stop ‘.’ then scan the barcode on the outer packaging. This will be easier when booking-in stock.


8. If you want the system to remind you when you are low on stock and make re-ordering easier then go to the ‘Quantities’ tab at the top. In the ‘Re-Order Editor’ section, fill in the details.

  • ‘Packsize to order in’ will be the new pack size (for e.g. 24).
  • ‘Reorder @ level’ is the number of items left in stock before you need to reorder.
  • ‘Quantity to order extra’ is how many packs you want (for e.g. 2 packs of 24).
  • Click ‘Save’.

Booking-in Packs

Booking-in packs is very similar to booking-in singular stock, it will be easier now that you have done the above process.

 1. Double click on ‘Stock Book-In’.


2. Fill in the details.

  • ‘Product Code’ is the product. Either type in the code or use the Ellipsis (…).
  • This should automatically fill in the ‘Location’ and ‘Description’
  • ‘Packsize’ you can now select the one you created (for e.g. 24).
  • This should fill in the ‘Cost’.
  • Select a ‘Supplier’ from the drop down menu.
  • ‘Qty Available’ is the amount of stock you have left.
  • ‘Book-In Packs’ is the quantity of packs you want to book in.
  • ‘Unit Cost’ is the last cost (you can see this already filled out on the right).
  • ‘Total cost’ will be filled in automatically.
  • Click ‘Add’.


3. You will then see the order in the window at the top. Type your name/initials in the ‘Booked In by’ box and click ‘Accept’. It will ask if you want to print a receipt and create stock labels, select which is applicable to you.


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