Creating a Multi day, Multi session event (Step 1)


In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to set up an event with three tickets using a multi-day and multi-session event. I will cover some of the advanced features in this tutorial. There’s no need to be intimidated by these features; they offer significant improvements when adding a new event.

For this demonstration, I will theme the event around a “Visit Santa” experience for Christmas. However, don’t let that narrow your perspective; this setup can be used for any event that spans multiple days and sessions. It’s also a great way to learn how some of the advanced features work.

Pro Tip: Have a clear plan for what you want the event to achieve before you start creating it.

My Plan:

  • I want my customers to be able to book a 15-minute slot online. Once booked, this slot will be marked as sold-out and reserved exclusively for that family. I do not want mixed families as I aim for this to be a special family event.
  • I also want to limit the 15-minute slot to a maximum of three paying children. Each paying child will receive a free toy.
  • I will not charge for adults. In my detailed description, I will mention that there is room for six adults to stand and watch. Any additional adults beyond this number will not be allowed in by my trusted elves.
  • To make Santa’s job easier and to make the moment as special as possible for the child, Santa will have some prior knowledge about the child. This information will be gathered through attendee details.

Now that we have a plan, let’s start creating the event.

Once you are logged into the online admin area, select ‘Admissions’, then ‘Events’ from the left-hand menu. This will open the Events window.


This will open the 'Events' window.

So let’s begin. Click the ‘Add new event’ button."


This will initiate the event creation wizard and open the ‘Create New Event’ window for you to input your data.


Step 1

For a more detailed explanation for Step 1, where I go through each field, please - [CLICK HERE]

Here is how I have set up the data fields for my Visit Santa Event:

  • Event Code = VISITSANTAE01
  • Event Title = Visit Santa
  • I have added my image - (500px * 500px and 32.8kb in size). This will load very quickly and not slow down the page loading. It will also not use up my customers’ data for those on monitored data allowances.


Let’s take a look at the advanced settings. Select the tick box.

This will expand the window to show you the advanced settings.

To aid explanation, I have numbered each element:



1. Event location - For a tutorial [CLICK HERE] (Adding a Venue location). For this event, I will not be choosing one of my preset locations.

2. Multiple Redemptions - I will not be using multiple redemptions. This is a one-time entry. Once they have used the ticket, it will not be able to be used again.

3. Valid for days - Value = 1 This is only valid for 1 day. They cannot come on any other date.

4. Required Attendee Details - I will not be ticking this box. I do not want to ask questions for the whole of the event. I will be asking questions, which are linked to the ticket (step 3). Extra information - Event attendees are completely different from Ticket attendees. Event attendees ask questions for that event, whereas Ticket attendees will ask my questions for the child tickets, which is what I want.

5. Must purchase (How many days before visit) - Here, I will leave it at the default of 1. The only time I would change this is if I needed advance warning, i.e., a meal booking, or if I wanted them to be able to book on the day, in which case I would change it to 0.

I could have let Merlin set these settings for me as I have changed nothing, but I thought it would be helpful to go through them with you.


Now it’s time to hit the NEXT button.

This concludes Step 1.


Please feel free to contact support via email or call our office if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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