Refunding Tickets

To cancel tickets in Merlin follow steps 1-5 here. After step 5, highlight each ticket and press "Cancel Ticket" for each ticket in that order. 

Payments for tickets sold online will be processed separately to Merlin, Via Worldpay, Stripe, Yespay... etc. Refunds of cash should be done via your payment processors directly by logging into their admin area of the website and process a full or partial refund. 

Once this has been done, to balance the accounts in Merlin you will need to process the refund so Merlin knows, to do so follow the instructions below:


1. Double click on the ‘Customers’ icon.


2. Double click on ‘Allocate Payment’.


3. Click on the ellipsis icon (…). Find the customers you are looking for, and click ‘OK’.


4. Click on the ‘New’ tab at the top. Click on ‘New Refund’.


5. Fill in the details.

  • ‘Refund Type’: select cash from the drop down menu.
  • ‘Amount’: write the amount they need to be refunded.
  • Click ‘Add’ at the bottom.
  • On the right hand side fill out the ‘Date Paid’ and ‘User’. Then click ‘Accept’.


6. On the ‘Allocate’ tab you will now be able to see the completed refund in the ‘Open Invoices/Refunds’ section at the bottom.



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