Creating Pre-Paid Vouchers on Merlin

You may want to sell pre-paid vouchers online so people can buy an admission ticket as a gift, or an entry ticket for an unknown date in the future. (Note this is not the same as setting up a discount voucher on EPOS - Product code - "V - Discount Voucher")

Vouchers are setup to redeem against existing tickets in Merlin. If don't have any tickets setup yet, please create one before starting this guide, you can see how to do so here

Vouchers are setup much like events are. With a MAIN voucher which is "0" price. Attached to this is variations that can be sold, such as "adult, child, OAP..." and so on. These variations are redeemed against an existing ticket. 

Follow the guide below for setup instructions. 


1. Double click on the ‘Stock Control’ icon.


2. Double click on ‘Maintain Stock File’.


3. Type “VOUCHER” (or whatever product code you want) in the ‘Product Code’ and click ‘New’. Fill in the details.

  • ‘Product Description’ Is what you would like to be displayed on the web or till. 
  • ‘Type’ would be "A - Pre Paid Voucher"
  • ‘Stock Cat. 1’ Select your category
  • ‘Pack Type’ would be Units


4. Click ‘Save’. Under the ‘Pricing’ tab, fill in the details.

  • ‘Pack Size’ is 1
  • ‘Last Unit Cost’ is 0
  • Check the ‘Selling Price’ option and select the ‘Standard’ option.
  • Next to the Selling Price type in 0
  • Click ‘Add’.


5. Click on the ‘Merlin Online’ tab at the top of the window. If you have a website, check the ‘ECommerce Stock’ and ‘Enabled for online purchase’ boxes to allow these on the web. Underneath ‘Online long description’ you can insert a message that will show up on your website.


6. Click on the ‘Online Image’ tab. Here you can add an image which will appear on your website.


7. Click ‘Save’. Now you need to create variants for each voucher such as Adult, Child, and Senior etc. You need to repeat step 3 using ‘Product Code’ VOUCHERCHILD. (or whatever you would like to call your voucher)


8. Click ‘Save’. Click on the ‘Pricing’ tab, fill in the details.

  • ‘Pack Size’ is 1
  • ‘Last Unit Cost’ is 0
  • Check the ‘Selling Price’ option and select the ‘Standard’ option.
  • Next to the ‘Selling Price’ type in the price of the voucher (e.g. £5.00)
  • Click ‘Add’.


9. Click on the ‘Merlin Online’ tab at the top. Check the boxes again if you have a website. Next to ‘Redeem Code’ click on the Ellipsis icon (…). From the stock search select a TICKET that you would like to use to sell the voucher against and then click ‘Proceed’. Click ‘Save’.


10. Go back to the ‘Master Details’ tab at the top and type VOUCHER to find the main Voucher you created first, in the ‘Product Code’. The information should already be there from earlier.


11. Click on the right arrow at the top to find the ‘Variants’ tab. Click on ‘Variants’. Underneath the ‘Product Code’ there is an ‘Ellipsis’ (…) click on this. Select the voucher you created earlier, VOUCHERCHILD. Click ‘Proceed’.


12. Click ‘Add’. It should now appear below in the window. Then click ‘Save’ on the right hand side of the window.


You need to repeat steps 7-12 to create all the variants for each voucher.




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