Creating Events on Merlin

This guide is for use with Merlin Back Office Version 8.0.56 and later. If you require an upgrade please call to arrange this on 01226 294413


When creating a new event or editing sessions it is good practice to stop Merlin NET to avoid any upload conflicts.


1. On the left hand side of the screen, double click on the ‘Admissions’ icon.


2. The ‘Admission Menu’ will open. Double click on ‘Diary’.


3. Click on ‘New Event’.


4. Select a template from the drop down menu. Click ‘Select’.


5. Fill in the details on the ‘Tickets’ tab, adding an event title and adding new tickets and editing them if need be. Make sure the ‘Event Available Online’ box is checked if it’s an online ticket.


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6. Click on the ‘Sessions’ tab and click on ‘New’.

Fill in the details as relevant. The ‘Description’ will be seen on the website and this is the type of session you would like, i.e. Morning/Afternoon, General Entry, 10 – 12...

The ‘Max Qty’ if left on 0 will be unlimited and if a number has been inputted then this means that there are a limited number of tickets.

Select Days and Times available.

   - For single day/time use the same start and end date and select a start and end time. If you would like to repeat this session, select a later end date and check which days you would like this session to be sold on with the M T W T F S S (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...)

Click 'Save'. 


7. The ‘Online Text’ tab is a space available to write a section on the website ticket page. Please note, this text must use only UTF 8 characters, so you may encounter errors if using unconventional characters such as copied from Microsoft Word. On the ‘Online Image’ tab you can upload a photo that will be seen on the website for the Event/Tickets.


8. On the ‘Collections’ tab tick the boxes to allow the event to be placed on the website. Click ‘Save’.


Once this has been done you will be able to see the event on the calendar and also on the website once net has polled.



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