Creating an event overview

In this article I will be giving you an overview of the event creation process. Other more detailed tutorials will guide you through how to create different type of events will follow. There will be links at the bottom of this overview for different type of events.

To start creating an event using the left-hand menu you can select the tab Create Event.

Or you can also do it the way I do it, which is select the Admission tab then click the events tab. Now select the Add new event button at the top of the page.

Both ways will work, but the admissions / Events way will show you a list of your events, which is more informative for me.



Which ever way you choose to use, you will end up in the Create New Event window.

The Create New event window is broken into 5 steps

Step 1 - This covers entering the event details.


Step 2 - This is where you add your blur for the event. We call this the long description area. Here you can use the all new powerful Text editor.

Here is the tutorial for using the Text editor and some of the new features. I do urge you to have a play and be creative. TUTORIAL LINK

Step 3 - Adding the event tickets

Step 4 - Adding the sessions (dates and times)

Step 5 - This is the final step and is where you choose which collection you wish to publish your event in.

Tutorial Links

(Links to follow when created)


Please feel free to contact support via email or ring our office if you have questions or need more help.

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