Issuing & Redeeming Order Cancellation Vouchers

This is for users with admin access to Merlin Tickets. You can access the admin area by viewing your website (e.g. then adding /admin to the end of the URL (e.g.


Now found in Merlin Online is the ability to issue and redeem cancellation vouchers. Cancellation vouchers give you or your customers the ability cancel the order and issue a voucher based on the value of said order. 

Here is how to do it:


Issuing Cancellation Vouchers Through the Admin Area

To issue a cancellation voucher to a customer via the admin area, go to your online dashboard, then navigate to the menu option titled 'Orders'


Once you have clicked the 'Orders' menu a drop down will appear, in this drop down click the 'All Orders' text 


This will navigate you to the orders page which displays all orders regardless of their status, which looks like this: 


For more information on orders, check out the following guides: 

Orders In Merlin Online

Cancelling Orders

Now that we are in the orders page, look for the specific order you want to cancel using the search bar on the right-hand side of the page. The search bar allows you to look up orders either via order number, name, postcode or e-mail. 

Once you have found the order you would like to cancel, click into the order by either clicking the 'Edit order' or the order number. Inside the order, you should see a button at the top of the page titled 'Cancel Order with Voucher': 


If you click on said button, it will issue a cancellation voucher via an e-mail to the e-mail corresponding the order with the voucher code. A screenshot of the e-mail is provided at the end of the following section. 


Customer Issued Cancellation Vouchers

If you enable to the ability for your customers to issue their own cancellation vouchers, this is how customers can issue them: 

Note: To enable customer issued cancellation vouchers, see the next heading of this guide.

Customers can issue them by going to your site, logging in to the account they purchased the tickets on and then clicking the 'MY ACCOUNT' text on the top right-hand side of the screen.


That should direct them to a page which holds all of their orders, as such:

On that page, click the button 'Cancel Order' 


Once that is done, the e-mail assigned to the account should receive an e-mail, as such:


This is what the contents of the e-mail look like:


Note: The exact same e-mail is issued if you cancel the order from the admin area


Enabling Customer Issued Cancellation Vouchers (SITEBUILDER 1)

To enable the ability for customers to issue their cancellation vouchers, you need to set this from the admin side of your .merlintickets site. To access this option, go to the left-hand side menu and look for the menu item titled 'Config'


Inside the 'Config' menu look for 'Change Theme': 


In the 'Change Theme' page, look for the menu titled 'Cancellation Vouchers


Clicking on this will show you the following section: 


To enable customer issued cancellation vouchers, select this: 


Then press save underneath the button you have selected:


Customers now have the ability to issue themselves order cancellation vouchers

Note: By default, this is set to hidden meaning customers are unable to issue themselves a cancellation voucher. This does not mean, you as an administrator of your site also cannot issue cancellation vouchers. 


Redeeming The Cancellation Voucher

Now that the customer has received their cancellation voucher, they need to know how and where to redeem it.

To redeem a cancellation voucher, the customer must be on the checkout page. As such:


On the checkout page, they should see a text field as such:

cancellationVoucherField.png   In said text field, the customer will have to enter the code provided to them in the order cancellation e-mail as seen above. Copy or type that code in the field as such: 


Once the field is populated, click the 'Apply Voucher' button, which will show the following prompt:


After being re-directed back to the checkout page, the customer will see the following text and button in place of where they previously had to enter the cancellation voucher: 


Now that the customer has added the voucher, they can continue their purchase as they normally would. 

As seen in the screenshot above, if the order does cover the entire value of the cancellation voucher, a new one with the remaining balance will be issued and e-mailed to the customer. As such: 


That's about all you need to know when it comes to cancellation vouchers, you should now know how to issue them and tell customers how to redeem them.

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